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Casual Misfit Radio is a podcast about stories and the misfits who tell them. 


Yes. We're writerly folks. Dig deeper, and you could call us storytellers. And if you're reading this, you, too, are probably a storyteller (or appreciate storytelling). We talk about writing. We dive into books and literary works. And we also uncover graphic novels, music, TV & Film, video games, and anything else under the sun that tells compelling, impactful narrative.


Hosted by the resident misfits below, and the occasional guest, Casual Misfit Radio premieres every other Tuesday on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud.


We think we're so cool. We're total dweebs.

Kyle V.


West Philadelphia, born and raised, Kyle V. Hiller is a writer, author, and editor. He penned the magical realism YA novel THE RECITAL and is working through his second novel, PROJECT ANJOU. He can often be found jamming out to future funk, making Scott Pilgrim vs. the World quotes apply to daily life, and training to be the best Robin main in Super Smash Bros. He loves his mom.


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Katie Antonsson is a writer living in Chicago. She likes pocket notebooks, Andrew Wyeth paintings, earl grey tea, and heated debates about hip-hop. Her font of preference is Garamond and she will never relinquish the serial comma.


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Michelle Nugent is a writer, blogger, and teacher living in Doylestown. She spends her days teaching at a nonprofit private school, and her evenings working on “The Soulmate Spectrum”, her first novel. She runs the book blog “The Feminist Bookworm” and she’s an active member of the Philadelphia Writers Coffeehouse. In her spare time she can be found haunting her local library. Her interests include intersectional feminism, independent bookstores, and the entire month of October. She owns the cutest dog in the world.



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